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Agri-food Fair with parallel events

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The purpose of the event is through education, cooperation and action to raise citizen’s awareness and realization that through simple ways they can become participants in making the planet sustainable.

In particular, in Sunday, May 22th 2016, in Venue: WE there will be:

1. Agri-food Fair

It is a movement that aims to effectively support the products of primary sector production. New and local producers who share the ideology of sustainable development and their products are environmentally friendly, will exhibit their products and citizens of Thessaloniki will have the chance to meet and taste them. With the promotion of local agri-food products and the support of local producers, we promote the idea of reducing the ecological footprint of CO2 by reducing the transportation distance of the product. In that way, we contribute to increasing the incomes of primary sector producers and strengthen the rural economy.

The Agrifood Fair will last throughout the duration of the event, from 11:00am to 20:00pm. Biological products, cookies and sweets made by women agricultural cooperatives, honey products, pasta, herbs and soaps are a few of the products that the local community of Thessaloniki will have the opportunity to meet

In addition, the visitors will have the chance to participate in various activities related to sustainable development and fair trade.

2. Activities for children and adolescents

As part of the event, various activities for children and adolescents that are related to sustainable development and fair trade will take place, in collaboration with Fair Trade Hellas. The schedule of the activities is as follows:

13:00pm and 18:30pm: Educational game for our little friends "Make a step forward for the chocolate".

14:00pm και 17:00pm : Pantomime – For all age groups! The aim of this activity is to show with mime games the everyday practices that can each of us follow in order to contribute to environmental protection. Winner is the group that will guess correctly and find the most practices.

12:00pm - 18:00pm : "Kids, let’s paint the environment in which we want to grow" – painting activity for children

Throughout the event, children 4-12 years old will be able to try the climbing wall of venue WE. Also, under the guidance of experienced staff both children and adults are able to practice the sport of archery, as well as skate learning activities can be developed.

3. Informational Workshops

At the same time of the event, there will also be informative workshops for citizens, focusing on students, regarding to how we can help the planet’s sustainability by simple and daily methods. In addition, an info point will be placed where IHU alumni students of the MSc in Environmental Management and Sustainability program will inform and discuss with potential future students about their experience in IHU.

The event is open to all of the citizens of Thessaloniki and the participation in the activities and workshops is free for everyone.

The event will take place in collaboration with Fair Trade Hellas, a development NGO that started its journey in 2004; It aims to promote the idea of Fair Trade and ethical, responsible consumption in Greece, a philosophy that battles poverty on a global scale. Its principles concur with our, Students for Sustainability principles, and those are equity, solidarity and sustainability in order to make a change. 

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