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Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)

Founded in 1925 as the political legacy of Friedrich Ebert, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is today the oldest political foundation in Germany.

Faced with the impending collapse of the Weimar Republic and the recognition that only an active democracy is also a strong democracy, the Social Democrat Friedrich Ebert instigated the establishment of a political foundation. 90 years later, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is still committed to Ebert's conviction that "democracy needs democrats".

As a non-profit institution, FES acts independently and encourages pluralistic dialogue on the prevailing challenges for the society.

Fair Trade

“Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” Fair Trade Hellas is a development NGO that started its journey in 2004; It aims to promote the idea of Fair Trade and ethical, responsible consumption in Greece, a philosophy that battles poverty on a global scale. We are working through educational programmes and campaigns to increase consumers' awareness  on these issues inviting them to think about the impact our choices have on the environment and our society, under what circumstances they have been produced and to consider if there has been exploitation during the whole process. Our principles are equity, solidarity and sustainability in order to make a change. Follow us to become an agent of change!



TIF HELEXPO is responsible for organising Thessaloniki International Fair and many other events. The top strategic mission of the National Exhibition Agency is to establish its leading position in Greece, to strengthen its competitiveness internationally, and, at the same time, to preserve the unique profile of an 'institution', its own special heritage.

TIF HELEXPO is responsible for bringing its extensive technical knowledge and exceptional exhibition arsenal to a new era of major challenges – in the here and now, where the hopes for supporting the Greek economy, production, processing & tourism, are forming an entrepreneurial culture of their own.

TIF HELEXPO is responsible for speaking the language of international business, forming powerful bonds between peoples and implementing a dynamic exhibition policy, while realising dozens of trade fairs annually, organising national pavilions abroad, holding conferences and cultural events, managing the facilities of Thessaloniki International Exhibition and Congress Centre and Athens Exhibition and Congress Centre (Helexpo Maroussi).

TIF HELEXPO is responsible for exhibiting the future in Greece.



Parallaxi is one of the oldest Free Press magazines in Greece. It was founded in November 1989. It has 25 years of uninterrupted presence in print media of Thessaloniki, while it also has a daily presence on the Internet with a website, which constitutes the electronic voice of the city. The website has more than 180,000 unique visitors and more than 450.000 page views each month. “Thessaloniki Allios/Thessaloniki Differently” is an initiative of urban activism, founded by Parallaxi that mainly promotes and encourages an active role in the city's daily life. Especially these five years, Parallaxi, through “Thessaloniki Allios/Thessaloniki Differently” launched more than 35 initiatives of urban activism for an alternative treatment of established perceptions about issues that concern all citizens. Cultural, social, and architectural initiatives that were based on the logic of wider possible synergies. More than 300 organizations and groups, 2000 participants, 400 volunteers and approximately 150,000 spectators make up the so far the human potential of “Thessaloniki Allios/Thessaloniki Differently”.


Polytexnika Nea

The site is a dynamic information portal, which addresses to Greece’s technical world.

Our aim is to provide constant updates on all issues of science, knowledge, career and everyday life of Greek engineers, so to become helpers to their attempt to cope with the difficult conditions under which they work and live.

Its main purpose, apart from the purpose of informing, is this particular website to become an instrument of a direct, uninterrupted and productive communication throughout the technical community where each user can utilize the interactive nature of the Internet.


Frapress is a digital Think Tank whose goal is to create a unified European Youth Cultural Community. is a group of young people (90 students from all over Greece) where through and the values, it expresses, except to write articles, they take initiatives, undertake projects and finally have the opportunity to find their interests, touch various aspects of their personality. Everything, they learn through this process, they pass it on society.