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Thematic Workshops

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Specialized thematic workshop will have a total duration of 3 hours and is divided into 3 different sessions. The workshop will be conducted in Greek and 15 to 20 people are expected to participate in each session. The organizers will prepare working papers on three topics based on the three pillars of Sustainable Development, which will serve as a basis for discussion. The conclusions of the workshop will supply with working papers and other material, either the presentation of the results on the conference day or the writing of another chapter in the 2nd manual for Sustainable Development, written by the group “Students for Sustainability” of the International Hellenic University.

Each session will deal with a specific thematic on:

  • Economy and Sustainability
  • Society and Sustainability
  • Environment and Sustainability

The arrangement and execution of sessions is still under study and discussion. Summaries of the working papers will be sent in advance to all participants, together with the list of participants.

The profile of participants who we seek is of mainly ages 25+, with an active work or volunteer at least in one field of the aforementioned thematic and who want to acquire further knowledge and expertise in order to promote / better follow the strategies/ sustainable development policies. For example: employees / volunteers to municipalities, in institutions, NGO’s, institutes, companies, universities, associations, graduate / PhD students etc.

By this workshop, we seek to promote and reinforce the importance of sustainable development in a wider context. We aim to bring together for the first time, in a context of collective actions and efforts, city agencies, entrepreneurs and citizens. The interactive feature of the sessions is the ideal stage to highlight and emphasize the importance of sustainable development.

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