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Regulations for the use and operation of the electronic equipment of the IHU

  1. IHU PC Labs
    Operation - Purpose - Activities

1.1. The IHU has computer laboratories for educational and research purposes which are equipped with computers, printers, scanners, projectors, etc., to be used for the teaching and research activities of the postgraduate study programmes of the IHU Schools as well as for academic research and the preparation of scientific articles.

1.2. The purpose of the Laboratories is to support the educational and research activities of all members of the IHU community (students, researchers, teaching staff, etc.) and to serve the wider purposes of the University, as defined by the Governing Board of the International University.

1.3. These activities include indicatively the following permitted uses:

  • Work by students in the context of specific courses
  • Access by students to the various electronic services provided by the University (e.g., digital library, administrative services, etc.)
  • Access by students to scientific information resources available on the Internet
  • Learning and practical exercises in the context of courses and seminars provided by the Postgraduate Programmes of Study which require the use of computers
  • Research activities within the scope of the Schools
  • The facilitation of the dissemination of knowledge
  • Seminars, lectures and scientific announcements and presentations which are not part of the scheduled educational activities of the Schools and courses in the context of lifelong learning programmes.


2.1. Use of the equipment is permitted for all active members of the academic community of the IHU (postgraduate students, scientific and research personnel, teaching staff, academic assistants, administrative staff and in general contracted staff). All the above should be holders of the special IHU student or employee card and should show the card on entry to the University facilities.

2.2. Use of the equipment is for the educational, research and academic needs of the users only and should be consistent with the mission and operation of the IHU. Any use for other purposes (such as entertainment, commercial or professional exploitation for purposes unconnected to IHU activities, etc.) is strictly forbidden.

Use of the laboratory equipment is free of charge, by order of priority and is not subject to any time limits.

Users must strictly abide by the Terms and Conditions governing each electronic service and database provided by third parties and accessible to the IHU at any point in time as imposed by the providers. To this intent, every user must be aware of such Terms and Conditions and must accept them prior to use of such services (e.g., electronic journals and books, on-line databases, etc.). Moreover, all users must observe the legislation on intellectual property (L.2121/93) and IHU regulations regarding plagiarism. Uses who violate the terms and conditions of use of databases or electronic services through their own fault will be held responsible for the compensation and reparation of moral damages to the University as legal guarantors if the providers of the said services take action against the University.

Each user must ensure the integrity and good condition of the equipment. If any problem should be noted, the user must immediately notify the person in charge of the Laboratory, giving full and accurate reference to what occurred while using the equipment.

Laboratory personnel have the right to intervene and withdraw the right of use by any user if they consider that the specific user is not in fact entitled to use the laboratory and/or is violating/neglecting to implement or is not observing the regulations for its operation and use.


3.1. Lab equipment must be used on the basis of the needs of the Schools, the postgraduate students and the academic personnel of the University for teaching and research purposes. Its use must not obstruct due maintenance of the areas and equipment concerned.

3.2. Indicatively the following actions or omissions are forbidden:

  • Any intervention in material and in the officially installed software and any copying thereof.
  • Exit from the laboratory without turning off the computer or disconnecting as a user.
  • Use of equipment for commercial purposes or for any activity bringing financial gain to the user.
  • Uninstallation of software or deletion/movement of files existing on the computers.
  • The scanning and printing of files which are irrelevant to IHU School activity. Printing of files is only allowed with the approval of the person responsible for the Laboratory.
  • The installation, use and/or creation by users of programmes other than those installed by the University.
  • Smoking and the consumption of beverages and food in the laboratory.
  • Use of mobile phones and any other action that may disturb the quiet operation of the laboratory and study by other users.
  • Moving of desks, computers, other equipment and wires that are in the laboratory.
  • Searching for and handling of information/files unrelated to the educational and research work of the Schools and the Study Programmes provided.
  • Saving of information/files unrelated to the educational and research work of the Schools on laboratory computers. Furthermore, laboratory staff have no responsibility for any data loss; each user is responsible for saving back-up copies on personal memory devices (e.g., USB Flash memories, CD-ROMs, etc.).
  • Listening to music or other sounds through computer speakers or other devices. In general, users must not make any noise (music, loud conversation, etc.) that might disturb the work of other users of the laboratory.
  • Simultaneous use of more than one computer by any one user.
  • Hindering the use of any terminal by putting an access code which limits, hinders and makes difficult the use of the terminal by other users.
  • Installation on the computers of any software (applications, supplementary programmes, games, etc.).
  • Use of equipment for any illegal purpose or activity which leads to direct or indirect damage to another party, such as attempting non-authorised access to network equipment, obstruction of web services, access to internet material which contravenes standards of public decency, despatch of dangerous or insulting, illegal, abusive, libellous, etc., email messages, etc.
  • Use which contravenes the terms and conditions of use of electronic services and databases and any misuse and/or illegitimate use of all the electronic services provided by the International University (such as, indicatively, the systematic downloading of the complete contents of volumes of electronic journals, allowing access to such material by any means to other, non-authorised users within or outside the country, etc.). Users must protect the good reputation of the IHU – which has contracted with the respective providers of the electronic services – and must strictly observe the terms and conditions of use of such services.
  • Group use of equipment or the creation of a crowd around the equipment.


4.1. At the start of every academic year a detailed programme is drawn up and made available regarding the use of laboratories, giving priority to the educational requirements of the programmes of study. The remaining hours are available for the use of students, under the supervision of laboratory staff or other officer, as appointed by the Governing Board of the university.

4.2. The programme includes scheduled activities such as course lessons and laboratory practice sessions, as well as extra activities such as special lessons and tutorials. Lesson programmes are publicised on School Office noticeboards. During lessons and practice sessions, third persons are not allowed to be present in the laboratory, unless otherwise permitted by the teaching staff member.


5.1. Laboratories may be temporarily out of use, either in part or completely, for reasons to do with the maintenance and upgrading of equipment, installation of software, pilot use of software or other extraordinary or special circumstances.

5.2. Laboratory staff undertake to inform users as soon as possible, via noticeboard announcements, when such scheduled interruptions to laboratory use are to take place and to keep users informed regarding any planned or otherwise interruptions.


Equipment necessary for the execution of work funded through the Special Research Account of the University is for the use of the members of the respective Project Team (under the supervision and responsibility of the Scientific Leader of the programme).

This equipment is the property of the University, may be used as a resource for the execution of other programmes and obligations undertaken by the University and, after completion of the specific Project, is made available to its other academic and/or administrative units, subject to any respective application being approved by the Management Committee of the Special Account (in compliance with the respective clause of the Project Funding and Management Handbook).

Use of this equipment is administered through the form in Appendix A. The equipment details are recorded both in the Central Register of Assets of the University (kept by the Financial Services Department) and in the Asset Register of the Special Research Account (kept by the latter’s Secretariat) in compliance with the Joint Ministerial Decision 679/22.08.1996, as modified and in effect after its publication.


7.1. The above regulations must be observed by all users of the laboratory equipment. Any violation of these regulations may incur sanctions by the Governing Board of the University, which sanctions escalate in severity in relation to the severity of the infringement and may range from prohibition of entry to the laboratories to the suspension of the user and his/her expulsion from the University.

7.2. The present regulations may be modified and/or supplemented by decision of the Governing Board of the University.


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