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Antonios Chantziarasicon-text-blockquoteI recently completed my MSc in Banking and Finance at the International Hellenic University. The IHU is an institution that brings together cultures from all around the world. This multicultural environment has broadened my horizons and really changed my view about various things. During my studies, I also appreciated being taught by professors with real-world experience, ready to equip us to confront real situations in our future careers. All courses were well-structured while the different methods of assessment ensured that they were both challenging and purposeful.

In addition, the IHU is an institution committed to academic excellence via investing in tools for research such as databases and special seminars. The contribution of the IHU Career Office in developing one's talents is also admirable. Careers Office activities and seminars gave me the opportunity to gain instruction from professionals on developing my communication and analytical thinking skills.

My advice to prospective students is that the International Hellenic University is definitely the right choice for further education, as long as quality education is your preference.blockquote_right

Antonios Chantziaras (MSc in Banking & Finance), Greece
Research Assistant, Aston University

Diana Popescu

icon-text-blockquoteWhen the opportunity arose to join the Executive MBA program at International Hellenic University I seized upon it as a great way to further my education, an opportunity that would not only provide me with the qualifications but also with the knowledge to excel professionally and personally in any demanding position.

To date, the program has been intense and demanding, yet rewarding. Even though the program is challenging it is also flexible; the modular structure enables me to apply what I learnt immediately.

The professors I met in the EMBA program so far were exceptional, able to push me and my classmates beyond the boundaries of our traditional thought process and guide us through a wide variety of challenging and exciting business topics, appropriate to be applied in my career.

The members of my class come from a wide range of countries and backgrounds; this makes for interesting discussions and lively debates and teaches you that there is always more than one side to an issue. Without a doubt, the EMBA program at IHU is a top quality experience in every aspect.blockquote_right

Diana Popescu Executive MBA, Bucharest, Romania
Regional Manager, Banca Romaneasca

Roden Pajajicon-text-blockquoteDeciding about a master's program in just two weeks would seem like a rushed decision to everyone. However, now, one year into the program, I can firmly state that it was one of the most worthy decisions I could make about my post-graduate education. The rigor and diversity of the subjects I have learned so far, coupled with the passion for academic excellence of world-renowned lecturers have helped me through personal paradigm shifts, which have changed my vision about my role not only in the organization I work for, but also in society as a whole.

As a banking lawyer by profession, thanks to finance and economics classes, I have gained skills and abilities that have enhanced my understanding of complex inter-disciplinary issues in my job, such as finding solutions to mitigate legal and financial risks at the same time.blockquote_right

Roden Pajaj, Executive MBA, Tirana, Albania
Head of HR, Bank of Albania


icon-text-blockquoteAfter taking my first degree in social sciences, which was a programme of study general in nature, and after working as a sales manager, I decided I wanted to specialize in management and also combine it with the opportunity to enhance my English language skills.

Learning to study at the International Hellenic University at the age of 22 was a bit of a challenge at first as I had to deal with both a new subject that I had not studied before and the difficulty of the foreign language. However, the staff was very friendly and helpful, willing to inform me about the courses and how I could use important resources such as the library and the computer systems.

The reason that attracted me most to the IHU was not only the facilities that provide plenty of space for studying and spending our time pleasantly, but the opportunity to get in touch and cooperate with people from different countries and origins and all these in my country!

There is no doubt that I have become more confident and more successful in my efforts related to business science. It is a motivation for me to start my career as a professional individual ready to deal with any challenges I may face in the future. blockquote_right

Sofia Zempiliadou (MSc in Management), Greece

Nikos Tsileponis

icon-text-blockquoteNowadays, it is highly recommended that one put their money in investments of guaranteed return. Thus, it is my firm belief that joining the MSc in Banking and Finance of the International Hellenic University will prove to be a successful investment move.

First of all, studying at the International Hellenic University has given me opportunities to work alone and as a part of a team, realizing the importance of each case. Moreover, I learned to regard time management as a key to success, since it helped me very much to get high degrees and gain valuable experience from writing papers on time.

Apart from the academic gain from attending this university, I also had the chance to live in a diversified student community and come in contact with people from all around the world. I consider this among the most valuable experiences a person can obtain, since one gets the chance to widen one’s scope, become independent and fully develop one's talents and abilities.

All in all, to my mind, getting a postgraduate degree in Banking and Finance will provide me with all the necessary tools for either claiming a workplace or going forward to the research field.blockquote_right

Nikos Tsileponis (MSc in Banking & Finance), Greece

Anna Zhmurko

icon-text-blockquoteBeing a part of the new unique programme Black Sea Cultural Studies is very exciting and responsible at the same time. One has to have enough ability, ambition and motivation to cope with all the requirements of the demanding MA, but the diversity of teaching methods and amazingly enthusiastic and helpful professors make the studying process extremely interesting and pleasant. I can say without any doubt that this year abroad is a brilliant learning experience for me!blockquote_right

Anna Zhmurko (MA in Black Sea Cultural studies), Ukraine


Panagiotis Badras

icon-text-blockquoteAfter getting a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, it seemed important for me to complete a Master’s degree in Energy Systems. At IHU, I benefitted greatly from the education received by Professors who have extensive professional and academic experience, as well as from the practical case studies presented. I believe in a prosperous future, because IHU has given me the opportunity to do so.blockquote_right

Panagiotis Badras (MSc in Energy Systems), Greece


Maja Petrovska

icon-text-blockquoteThe structure of the programme including the strict start and end dates, the schedule and courses suited me best. This is one of the reasons I chose this Master’s programme. Moreover, I found interesting the fact that the course material is presented by more than one professors coming from different countries and having different backgrounds. The subjects are related to current trends and technologies which might be helpful in the future career of any student. I very much appreciate that we know the precise time by which we will finish these studies.

I used to say that at the University I feel like home! You can always find people to talk to and people who care for you. One feels one is always welcome there. The facilities are open all the time for use by the students. I believe that I have made the right decision coming to study at the International Hellenic University!blockquote_right

Maja Petrovska (MSc in ICT Systems), FYROM


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