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Diana Popescu

Diana Popescu

icon-text-blockquoteWhen the opportunity arose to join the Executive MBA program at International Hellenic University I seized upon it as a great way to further my education, an opportunity that would not only provide me with the qualifications but also with the knowledge to excel professionally and personally in any demanding position.

To date, the program has been intense and demanding, yet rewarding. Even though the program is challenging it is also flexible; the modular structure enables me to apply what I learnt immediately.

The professors I met in the EMBA program so far were exceptional, able to push me and my classmates beyond the boundaries of our traditional thought process and guide us through a wide variety of challenging and exciting business topics, appropriate to be applied in my career.

The members of my class come from a wide range of countries and backgrounds; this makes for interesting discussions and lively debates and teaches you that there is always more than one side to an issue. Without a doubt, the EMBA program at IHU is a top quality experience in every aspect.blockquote_right

Diana Popescu Executive MBA, Bucharest, Romania
Regional Manager, Banca Romaneasca

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